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Raw Materials

The benchmark for a quality product in our industry starts with the raw materials. As a supplier of custom bags, films, and tubing our plants have a wide variety of raw materials on hand to ensure that your products are engineered to meet or exceed your expectations.

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  • Linear Low Density Polyethylene – LLDPE
  • High Molecular-High Density Polyethylene-HDPE
  • Medium Density Polyethylene – MLLDPE
  • Polypropylene – PP
  • Hexene Linear Low Density
  • Fractional Melt – Shrink
  • Metallocene
  • Flame Retardant
  • Anti-Static
  • Anti-Block
  • No, Low, Medium, & High Slip
  • EVA – Ethyl Vinyl Acetate
  • VCI – Vapor Corrosive Inhibitor
  • UVI – Ultra Violet Inhibitor
  • Colors and Tints
  • Custom blends of multiple polymers

All of our manufacturing plants recycle 100% of their scrap, and those materials are sometimes blended back into products for non-FDA applications.